Lambeth Small Sites

Since Lambeth council have introduced a policy to take financial contributions on small sites providing one unit upwards we provided viability assessments on 4 different sites through 2019 and 2020 helping developers achieve viable small developments.

Ferndown, Dorset

S106 was instructed to provide a viability assessment on a scheme of 27 apartments in Ferndown. We provided a viability assessment  that showed the site was unable to support any affordable housing the assessment was reviewed by the District Valuer and they agreed...

Ipswich, Suffolk

We provided a viability assessment on a 29 apartment waterside scheme making a case the site could not support any affordable housing or other s106 payments. The findings were agreed by the council and a zero affordable housing s106 agreement was agreed.

Local Plan Allocation

We have acted for a landowner client providing a viability assessment to support the location of a site in the New Forest Local Plan for 160 dwellings.


S106 was instructed to assess the viability for a scheme of 20 units in Basingstoke. We provided a viability assessment and negotiated on behalf of the owners with the council’s advisor and agreed a planning consent with no affordable housing.