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Affordable Housing Viability Assessment

A Viability Assessment is now required on most residential planning applications to assess the level of affordable housing and other s106 contributions the site can viably support and to inform the s106 negotiations with the local authority. It can also be used to make a case to vary an existing s106 requirement.

Increasingly most Local Authorities will require a viability assessment as part of the planning application validation requirements which will be independently reviewed to form the basis for the s106 terms.

We have experience of providing viability assessments for a wide range of developments from single plots to large multi-phase developments of 450 units+ and including mixed use developments. We have an excellent track record for securing significant reductions in affordable housing including in many cases removing the requirement altogether. We have also provided viability assessment evidence statements for appeals with a track record of success.

Viability Assessment
Increase Site Value

Increase Site Value

A viability assessment can help developer and landowner clients increase the value of their sites, increase development profitability and allow stalled sites to come forward.

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Evidence Based Research

We prepare viability assessments using the Homes and Communities Agency toolkits backed up with a strong evidence base of research on sales values, construction and other costs bringing in specialist advice as required.

A viability assessment can…


Reduce the scale of planning obligations to a viable level


Unlock unviable sites so they can come forward and contribute to housing delivery


Demonstrate that a particular level of density or tenure is required for the development to come forward


Why do I need a Viability Assessment?

A viability assessment can be used to make a case at planning application stage for a level of affordable housing provision and/or s106 contributions your site can viably support. It can also be used to justify a minimum level of density or a particular mix required on a development to achieve a reasonable level of return.

How long will it take?

We can usually provide a draft report for your approval within 5 working days.

How can I be sure you can achieve a viable result?

We are happy to provide the initial appraisal at risk with no fees, this will show the likely outcome and the strength of the case to provide piece of mind before you instruct us.

What about hidden costs?

Our fee proposal will include dealing with any post submission queries from the council, responding to the councils review report and negotiating. We will only request an additional fee if the scheme is changed and needs to be updated or we are asked to provide evidence for an appeal. The council will sometimes require their costs of review to be funded as well.

Will we achieve a viable outcome?

The results vary from site to site and depends on site characteristics and local market values, there is no one size fits all solution  but we have an 8 year track record of reducing and removing unviable s106 requirements and handling difficult negotiations with local authorities. We have an extensive back catalogue of negotiations providing precedent evidence and have achieved successful outcomes negotiating with all the major practices appointed by councils.

Experienced Consultants

Simon leads a team of professional experienced consultants all with established former careers in the affordable housing sector. They understand affordable housing viability all having worked for Housing Associations delivering affordable housing and have a professional results driven approach.